A stationary and portable two aspirating heads air sampler with Bluetooth capability and cable for charging


  • This air sampler is especially dedicated to customers who make a large number of controls, in different environments, with a large staff rotation and comply with the quality standards and QM/GMP.
  • Main customers are pharmaceutical aseptic filling suites, cleanroom, biotech, IVF clinic, operating theatre, hospital pharmacies, blood banks, clinic, microbiological labs, HVAC building monitoring, environmental labs, healthcare ambient monitoring and health authorities.
  • A barcode module, thanks to the use of a scanner (barcode reader) with Bluetooth, automatically records the operator, place and plates used for the sampling.
  • The data is transferred via Bluetooth between the air sampler and a smartphone or tablet (Android version) and then to a PC or laptop.
  • It is possibile to work either in manual or automatic mode.
  • The battery is recharged by a power cable connected directly to the air sampler.
  • The 200 lts/min air flow reduces the operator time and the time sampling.
  • The use of sterile "Daily Shift" aspirating heads reduces the risk of contamination and provides the certification of sterility requested by regulatory inspectors.
  • The possibility to use 2 different aspirating heads allows to have 2 different culture media at the same time or the ability to sample BEFORE (at rest), DURING (in operation) and at the END of each processing cycle.


Technopolymer body shockproof with antibacterial performances of surfaces
Complaint according EN/ISO 14698-1, GMP and GLP
Stainless steel aspirating head with quick bayonet closure, identification number and stainless steel cover to prevent contamination
Volume of aspirated air: 100 or 200 l/m
Selected volumes from 30 to 2.000 litres and 17 preset programs
The aspirating chamber is suitable for 55 mm Contact plates or 90 mm Petri dishes
Auto calibration: power/flow electronic real time control
Power supply system: the instrument can be charged continuously by AC powered source 110/240 volt 50/60 hz or by rechargeable battery (inserted inside the air sampler).
Cycles battery autonomy: 60.000/70.000 litres
Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian
Manual and automatic passwords
Operative aspirating cycles: manual and automatic
Memorized data: up to 1.000 samples
Configuration users and places: 100Delayed, remote, start, simultaneous or interval sampling
Bluetooth connection or cable for data transfer
Automatic next calibration reminder
Data integrity CFR 21 and GAMP5
CE mark
Continuous/trending analysis according to the USP
Dimension: 27x15x25h cm
Weight: 2.300 gr
Built in ISO 9001 premises


Code AIRBIO DUO cable PACK (*)
479K AIRBIO DUO 100 Contact with cable (100 litres/min flow rate)
480K AIRBIO DUO 100 Petri with cable (100 litres/min flow rate)
481K AIRBIO DUO 200 Contact with cable (200 litres/min flow rate)
482K AIRBIO DUO 200 Petri with cable (200 litres/min flow rate)

(*) each PACK consists of: 1 air sampler with Bluetooth and battery charger, 1 calibration certificate, 2 s/s aspi head with s/s cover head, 1 cable for transfer data, 1 robustus carrying case.

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