CFU Photo Camera

Complementary device to BAS software for picture recording of culture plates


  • The CFU Photo camera must be used in combination with the BAS Software.
  • Simple use: the operator connects the CFU Photo Camera to the PC (with the BAS SW installed), puts the identified culture dish with the counted signed colonies on the designated illuminated area of the CFU Photo Camera, click “Capture” button on the BAS SW to take the picture and store it.
  • The pictures of the culture plate are reported at the bottom of the single report where all information of the sample are detailed.
  • The report is stored in the BAS SW and then exported in a pdf file for subsequent evaluation.
  • Compliant to ISO 7218.
  • The system (BAS SW and CFU Photo Camera) is developed according to the requests of the regulatory inspectors.
  • The CFU Photo Camera avoids the presence of a second operator, saving additional costs.
  • The price of the CFU Photo Camera is affordable and convenient for all microbiological laboratories which apply with GLP and ISO 17025.


Light System: LED technology
Camera resolution: full HD 1080p
Construction: technopolymer antibacterial treatment
Suitable for 90 Petri dishes or Contact plate
Connection to the printer via BAS SW downloaded to PC
Power voltage: 24/220 V
Size 17x18x29 H cm.
Weight: 2,8 kg.
CE mark
Made in Italy


337 CFU PHOTO CAMERA with cable for transfer data and power supply
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